The Old Money Moustache Company is the brainchild of founder Dom Brown. Unable to find the ideal hybrid of card holder and wallet that solves the problem of sitting perfectly in the jean pocket, while still carrying the necessary goods, he decided to create his own. 

Using Italian leather, handmade - lovingly hand stitched in Britain with sustainable packaging, at an affordable price are the key components that sets apart the brand from its competitors. 

Old Money Moustache is proud to sponsor Portsmouth band. Neverman. 

Neverman is the collective name of 4 individuals who's constant is the music that they produce. The band was born out of a dark time in Matt's life, where a crushed Larynx prevented him from singing for three years.


Matt's voice made its way back and he had an arsenal of songs to bring to life. Four individual personalities came together through chance meetings to form the band and sound that is Neverman.


The songs carry  a pounding energy and the lyrics provoke thought. This is the band to watch in 2020.